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Officiating Requirements

Requirements for each team:!

Two certified scorekeepers (with 2 additional parent score keepers for 12 and Unders), 13-18s will need two certified junior referees for R2(15-18s will need one certified junior referee for R1). All teams must have one certified coach or adult as a scorekeeper, R1 and R2 referee. All coaches must be Impact certified.

Carolina Islanders Certified Member's List
Check to see when your certification expires.  List coming soon!

Below is all the info you need to get certified this coming year.

For now- since December is time to verify teams have met official team certifications, below is the information as a reminder what is needed from members who need to get certified.
To become certified or re-certified as a Junior Referee or Junior Scorer you must do the following:
- Be a current member in good standing within  USA Volleyball.
- Attend the approved Online Or Onsite Junior Official Clinic by January 5th. 
- Individual Online Clinics and Group Onsite Clinics will be accomplished using USAV’s Official Training & Education System. All members MUST Register with USAV Officials Training & Education to receive credit for Clinics and Exams. Links coming soon!
- Demonstrate the ability to officiate (R1, R2, Score). Must be rated for an entire match Each Junior R1, R2 and Scorer MUST pass 1 rating completed by a PVA Professional Official (Regional, Jr. National or National) if a failing score is given; you MUST re-take clinic and complete another rating during a different match.
Ratings are good for 2 seasons. Please NOTE: to Re-certify, you MUST complete a clinic and quiz each year..