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Itsy Bitsy Spikers/Net Ninjas

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This is a program for primary aged boys and girls (Ages 8-12).  Program includes a weekly practice and runs for approximately 6 months. Start Date is November 1st 2020! If you are interested in participating in our Program, please email !!   There is limited availability so get your name on the list asap!

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The Itsy Bitsy/Net Ninja program is designed to be an introduction to basics and fundamentals of volleyball and will be a group no more than 12 total.  This will allow us to scrimmage and enables us to hold a full practice even if we have a percentage of players sick or at another activity.  Throughout the course of this program, they will learn basic skill sets (passing, setting, and some serving), basic game comprehension (how to play in an actual game, rotations, some positions), and general volleyball terminology.  We value the ability to "slow teach" team concepts at our practices so players can understand how everyone moves as a team.  We run practices with coaches who know how to teach the sport not stand on the sideline.  There will be some lighter conditioning training, to get these players volleyball ready.  The goal of our program is that by the end, these players will be ready to perform as a team, and have an end of season game to showcase all they have learned. More info to come next week !

Goals:  The main goal that this group will accomplish by the end of season, is a general understanding of how to play the game of volleyball, along with a learned basic skill set of passing setting and some serving. We want these players to get an introductory level of play, in a relaxed and fun environment. We will acclimate them to some key volleyball terminology, and slowly introduce them to things they will see in the future. We want to focus on training at a reasonable price and time commitment.  Our best coaches are committed to this endeavor.  We want to positively impact players who think they may pursue volleyball as their future middle and high school sport. Please know, previous volleyball experience is not required, this program is open to the beginner and those with entry level skills.  Players will be paired and grouped according to their abilities.

Coach:  This program is being directed and coached by Danelle Kern and may sometimes have guest coaches visit  from our Islander staff.  For your child's volleyball development you're going to be hard pressed to find more knowledgeable coaches than our staff. We are continually updating this offering to get the most out of our practice time with the kids.  The goal is to give players an opportunity to learn from upper level coaches at a price that is much less than travel volleyball.

Cost:  Info coming soon!

Required Gear:  The items your child will be required to bring that is not included in their fees are, solid black athletic shorts, a court type athletic shoe, a water bottle, and 1 pair of youth sized kneepads *(can order these through the club).