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Uniforms for 2018

All of our teams will be sporting Mizuno Gear again this year.

 Our fees will include the following Gear Package for all the following
12 Elite, 13 Elite, 13 Power, 14 Elite, 15 Elite, 15 Power, 16 Elite, 16 Power , 17 Elite and 18 Elite

  • 3 Charcoal Gray Practice T-shirts
  • Blue Long Sleeve Mizuno Personalized Cover Jersey
  • Mizuno Personalized Bookbag
  • Crew Neck Black Sweatshirt Personalized


 What is not included in fees pertaining to uniforms that will be required for        

  • If your jerseys from last year are not in good repair and are too small, then you will be required to purchase new ones.
  • All new players that did not play with us last year will be required to purchase (3) personalized sublimated jerseys

 How are Jersey Numbers Decided?

  • If you played with us last year then you get to keep your jersey number.
  • If you end up with the same jersey number of another player, then we go by who was on the highest level team last year.

 What other Islanders Gear will be available for purchase on assigned team           
 gear days?

  • Islanders Hoodies(with or without jersey Numbers
  • Islanders Long Sleeve Charcoal Gray T-shirts
  • Mizuno Half - Zips (embroidered logo with jersey number and name)
  • Mizuno Cover Shorts (with Islanders logo)
  • Mizuno Gray Warm-up Joggers (with embroidered jersey number)
  • Mizuno Spandex (Girls)
  • Extra Mizuno Shorts (Boys)
  • Ankle Braces
  • Mizuno Sun Visors (embroidered logo)
  • Parent can purchase sweatshirt, t-shirts and half-zips(with or without jersey numbers)
  • Islanders Bumper Stickers